Thursday, February 13, 2014

Famous for a Day

Since it's been so freaking cold outside, I've been trying to come up with creative new indoor activities to keep the girls busy. A few weeks ago I asked them, "Girls, how would you feel about pretending we're famous and hiring the paparazzi to follow us around and photograph us all day?" (I know Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry would not approve of this parenting approach, but a mom in Wisconsin in the wintertime has to do what she can to survive.)

Elin replied to my question with a big smile and said, "Eat! Cookie?"

And Anna said, "Bubble Guppies?"

So I looked to Tess, who just stared at me blankly.

I don't think they were following me.

Since I have to do a lot of interpreting for these two-year-olds, I decided their answers equated to an unanimous, "Yes!" I told Tess to just keep staring at me if she agreed. She did.

Then I asked Justin, because it's always good to get your husband's ok when you invite someone over to photograph every moment of your day. He said, "Are you serious?" which I took as my fourth and final yes.

So we booked the most talented photographer in town for the next dreary Saturday. And she captured our day in nearly 4,000 photographs.

Ok, really, this wasn't my idea at all. My sister's friend Kara is a fantastic photographer that we have used for years for family photos, and she contacted me a couple of weeks ago about a new project she's trying out revolving around "a day in the life". She asked if she could take pictures of us from sun up until sun down.

My first thoughts were, "Oh my God, she's going to see how much TV we let the girls watch." (More than the "recommended" amount, let me tell you.) And then, "We are so boring. She will probably fall asleep halfway through breakfast." Also, "I wonder if she's familiar with the constant feeding, napping, pooping and whining of a household with three kids aged two and under." (I wouldn't call our current lifestyle anything close to glamorous.)

But what I said, thankfully, was, "Yes! We'd love that!"

Because Kara is a true talent. If she wants to take pictures of you, you do not say no. Just her asking us felt like such a gift to me.

And really, what a cool idea. Kara's thinking around these "day in the life" sessions is about capturing all of the wonderful moments of a time in your life you'd love to look back on and remember. As any parent knows, it's so easy to get caught up in the neverending daily tasks and miss out on some of the really important, fleeting moments. The stuff that really matters. A "day in the life" photo session will generate some of the most amazing pictures of such an important time, photos you can make into an album to look back on and smile and laugh at (and I'm sure cry over - moms cry, it's what we do) someday.

I think it's brilliant.

The girls loved it, too. They were a little taken aback at first (especially Elin, who needs like four years to warm up to anything that strays from our normal daily routine), but once they realized that Kara was a very attentive audience to anything they wanted to do, they ate the attention right up. And Kara was so kind and gracious with the girls, letting them use her camera and check out all her cool lenses and wear her fun hat. Anna has been into taking pictures ever since, getting her hands all over my little digital camera every chance she gets.

Kara, did you teach her that leg positioning too? She studied your every move!
So far I've seen a few pictures from the shoot and let me tell you, just the few she sent over had my heart puddling into a pool of mushy goo. (Like spaghettios with meat! - name that movie.)  I probably won't be able to handle the rest. But I'll share them, I promise.

Check out Kara's blog and website. She's amazing. Truly, truly. Photographers, like all artists, have their own styles, and I've always thought Kara has a knack for story-telling with pictures. I think this "day in the life" idea suits her style perfectly. Look at her blog for other "day in the life" shoots!

Kara, thank you is not enough!


  1. What a neat idea!! I try to have the camera available at all times, just to capture even the mundane. These are memories!!!:) PS, we have 4 kids 5 and under, I feel your pain friend!

    1. Oh which was the toughest transition? I would imagine it's 1 to 2, but we never had that! Adding a third really has been quite easy. KNOCK ON WOOD. You are amazing!

  2. Replies
    1. Kim, you win, you win! Like spaghettios with meat!!

  3. I am in love with all of her photos! Can't wait to see part 2..after nap time :)