Friday, February 28, 2014

Play a Latte!

Ok, so as the Polar Vortex CONTINUES to crush us here in the Midwest (physically, mentally, emotionally), my kids are starting to climb the walls (Elin literally pushes off the heat registers and grabs for light switches, creating her own little climbing wall.) They beg to go outside, but as I heard a meteorologist say on the radio yesterday, it's dangerously cold out there. Like it has been for a record 45 days or something this winter.

So when we "go out" this winter, we literally need somewhere to "go in". If you have kids and live in the area, you know that it's slim pickings for indoor play facilities.

Enter Play a Latte.

Play a Latte is an indoor play land for the kids (think McDonald's minus the greasy smell that clings to your coat for days) with coffee drinks and bakery treats for mom and dad. The owner is Danielle Bartolazzi - who happens to be the wife of our builder, Dirk. We met the Bartolazzi's last March when Ben Bartolazzi sold our house in about 72 hours. So about one year ago, we'd never heard the name Bartolazzi, and since then, we just keep meeting more and more of them. It's a huge clan! They're good people.

Play a Latte doesn't officially open until this Monday, but Gretchen and I had a play date scheduled there today for Adi's birthday that Danielle and Dirk said we could come in for. Poor Adi got sick and Gretchen had to cancel, but I had been talking up the slide for the past week and needed to get the girls there - for their sanity and my own!

So I spent the morning feeding, changing, grooming and dressing three little girls, then piled them into the car so they could go burn off some energy at Play a Latte. I just met Danielle today, and she was so sweet. We kind of busted in on the middle of their coffee drink training, but they graciously welcomed the girls and I in with smiles and a delicious latte.

Bottom line, the girls loved it. However, for all the slide (or "schlide", as Elin likes to call it) talk, they were glued to the sandbox for pretty much the whole two hours we were there.

Have you heard of this kinetic sand stuff? Pretty cool. It looks like sand, and feels like sand, but it's not really sand. And it's A LOT less messy than real sand, too. I couldn't get the girls away from it!

I highly recommend checking this place out with your kiddos!

A couple of things to keep in mind:
  • The play area is for kids age 6 and under.
  • No shoes are allowed in the play area, but socks are required. They do have socks for sale if you find your child without some.
  • The cost is $4.25 per child, $3 for crawlers.
  • In addition to a full menu of coffee drinks, there were cupcakes, cake pops, turnovers and other pastries and treats for sale.  
Justin stopped by toward the end of our visit, and we had to drag Elin and Anna out of the place in tears - which is pretty much the equivalent of two thumbs up from these toddlers. On the way home they kept whining, "More schlide, more schlide..." You know, the slide they didn't even go down. I can definitely say we'll be returning for another play date soon!

Thanks for the hospitality, Bartolazzi's! Best wishes with this new endeavor!

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