Thursday, March 6, 2014

Good Boy, Mama!

Alternative Title: The Best Moments of My Day

There are two times of day that have quickly become my favorites - sunrise, which is when the girls always seem to wake up (maybe I should invest in some room-darkening shades) and bedtime, when the girls are finally, after what is often an exhausting day, tucked safely into bed.

Kind of funny that the two moments that make me equally happy are when they are waking up (so I get to hang out with my girls - yay!!) and when they are going to sleep (so I get a break from my girls - yay!!)

Of course, the in-between time is full of wonderful little moments, as well.

Like lately, Anna's favorite thing to say is, "I'll help you, Mom!" I mean, is this a mom's dream, or what?

"I'm going to make breakfast," I say each morning.

"I'll help you, Mom!" She starts pushing her chair toward the stove to help.

"I need to change the laundry over," I'll announce.

"I'll help you, Mom!" She follows me and empties the dryer lint into the trash. She wants to help so much I had to teach her to do something. Justin also has her folding clothes.

"Tess needs a bath," I'll say every ten days. I mean every two days. Or somewhere in between. (Don't judge me, I'm busy.)

"I'll help you, Mom!" She grabs one of Tess's diapers to bring up to the bathroom. She really does this. And when it's time for her and Elin to get a bath, she grabs their diapers on her way upstairs, too.

Or the moments, lately, where Elin asks me to "play puppy".

Here is where I admit to the cyber world that I crawl around on my hands and knees and pant like a dog at least once a day when my daughter asks me to. She loves when I pretend I’m a puppy, and I love when she's happy, so yes, this is one of those things you never realize you’re signing up for when you become a parent, but you do it anyway. Because it’s simple and silly and it makes your kids smile.

And it cracks me up because Elin bends down, pats her legs, looks at me with a big smile and says, “C’mere boy! Good boy, mama! C’mere boy!”

I thought of correcting her that I’m a “girl” puppy, but I'm not a puppy at all, so really, where do you draw the line?

And then, there are the moments with Baby Tess, who is not so little anymore. She's growing by leaps and bounds! She's recently "found her voice" and is making for some very loud, screechy moments many times throughout the day. Sometimes it sounds quite terrible, but when we look at her, she's got a huge smile.

Who am I kidding? I love every moment.

(PS - After I posted yesterday, I had quite a few people reach out to me via comments, emails, FB messages and I wanted to say thank you! Thank you for the support, suggestions and opinions. I appreciate all of them!)

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