Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Best Kind of News!

Well, Tess, you better suck up this "baby of the family" thing for the next six months.

It is with GREAT excitement (like that crazy Tom Cruise jumping on the couch excitement) that I announce there will be a new baby in the family! And no, this one's not living with us.

My baby sister is having a baby! (If you could see me, you'd see a smile from ear to ear. Seriously, I totally have that pregnant auntie glow.)

I couldn't be happier. Congratulations Jamie and Todd Olsen! Love, hugs and prayers to you both! This auntie can't wait to get her hands on that baby...especially since I know he or she isn't coming home with me! :)

Jamie and Todd have been extra cautious about sharing this news due to Jamie's Type I diabetes. (Type 1 is the more serious, insulin-dependent diabetes, not to be confused with Type II, which can often be controlled with healthier eating/lifestyle habits.) So Jamie has her work cut out for her. Pregnancy is already tough on your body, but add in a pancreas that doesn't work on its own and there are a ton more levels involved. She's automatically classified as "high risk" and in addition to the normal OB appointments and ultrasounds, she also has to meet with her endocrinologist and dietitians regularly.

Jamie's pancreas decided to check out on her when she was eight-years-old, but she's always been so strong and on top of her health. I knew she was nervous about a pregnancy, but I also knew she'd do great, and she is! Despite the last few months of morning/all-day nausea and serious fatigue, she is doing awesome keeping her blood sugars under control, which is great, as they have a direct impact on the development of the baby. Jamie, you are AMAZING!!!

Todd and Jamie, love you both; so happy to share your wonderful news!

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